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Buyer Testimonial: Patricia Tolman, Broker at Cates Real Estate
July 2015

Patricia Tolman! Words cannot describe how grateful my fiancé and I are to have had the chance to work with her. We had rented for 6 years and were getting so frustrated thinking that we would never be able to find a home in our price range or ever be able to get approved. In June of 2014 we were driving around all of our favorite towns looking down all the drive ways to our dream homes. We came across a home in Washington Maine and instantly fell in love and our excitement instantly got the best of us. I called Patricia and asked her what did we have to do? She explained that before we got even more excited to speak with the banks and get pre‐approved. So we tried and we failed. I called Patricia and explained that because of certain circumstances the bank would not allow us to move further. She didn’t let us give up! She did research found us an independent mortgage office and showed us the way! Checking in with us every day and contacting the mortgage counselor to see what else she could do to help us. Once we got the pre‐approval letter Patricia called us up and said lets go take a peak. Again our dreams were starting to come through! We decided that we indeed did want to take the next steps to purchasing the home, and we got someone to come and inspect the home and there were a few things that we found that needed to be fixed. Patricia listened to us and took our issues back to the seller and didn’t give in and gave us excellent advice until we negotiated to an agreeable point. The big day November 13, 2015 we received the phone call that we were going to be purchasing our first home, this was the same day that we found out that we were having twins! Because of Patricia Tolman we know have our cute little house down a dirt driveway in the woods in Washington Maine, this place is where we are raising our two boys got engaged and call home. We thank the Lord every day that we had Patricia Tolman in our lives for this adventure.

Tom and Candi – Washington Buyers 2015

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